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Crafters Light-bulb Moment

What a day it has been. From my daughter's doodling on a pad to a new business idea!

How did it happen? Read on.

Due to being poorly Julia stayed at home with me today and that's one of the amazing benefits of working from home. When your child is unwell, they can just stay with you and you keep working. Well, I guess it depends on the child as some can be more challenging than the others. All of you mums reading this know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, she was getting bored and asked if she could have one of the new products I've been adding to the shop recently, the super cute East of India notepad. I said yes and she started doodling like she does very often.

Of course as her mum I thought the picture was super cute so I decided to use it in my marketing but it wasn't the end of the ideas...

Because it turned into a business idea

Later on, a postman brought some mail and parcels. One of them was a sample pack of different wood pieces that I want to use for laser cutting and engraving. Julia asked if she could have one of them and then like a lightening an idea came into my head.

Lovely hand drawn pictures transferred with a laser onto a laser friendly wood pieces. Julia added that she would draw one for each of her friends and add their name too. That will be our starting point and practice before we advertise and make them for other people. The wood can be cut into different shapes too like hearts or circles.

Do you think it will work? If you are a crafter, how often do you have these light-bulb moments?

I'd love to hear about them so please comment below and don't forget to share with others :-).

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