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The Crazy Crafters

Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to The Crazy Crafters blog with fun, tips and crafts from a family of crafters!

We are the Janas' family of 4, daddy joiner, mama crafter and owner of Woodkrazy Handmade and two cheeky little people. We all love crafting, making, creating and always have too many crazy ideas. We come from Poland but have lived in beautiful Yorkshire for many years.

We also love wood and anything made from it! Our forever home is almost finished and guess what, it is entirely made of wood! I will make a special post about it with photos when we go there for Easter break.

What to expect from The Crazy Crafters blog?

As a busy mum I will keep it short and sweet and practical, because that's who I am! There will be tips on how to run a craft business, how to set up an Etsy store, because that's where I started, how to create your own e-commerce shop, also lot's of The Crazy Crafters family craft and handmade tips and ideas, for example how to make your own fabric notice board!

I will also be sharing my journey with a laser cutting machine and engraver. It is arriving soon and I am more than excited to start using it and making even more beautiful items. You will be my first judges and reviewers of what I will be making.

To finish up

Thank you for bearing with me so far and I hope you will find this space fun and useful. I will try not to bore you and come up with fresh and exciting crafty ideas and tips.

To help me reach more people please share and subscribe and spread the crafty love!

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